Mass media

Attention of mass media On my handbags, various motifs of flowers often start to bloom. Maybe because flowers remind me of women. They both need sun and water. Love and affection. Attention and the warmth of heart. If there is no one around who we could make happy we fade. If we feel unneeded, we suffer. That is why I also need you so that I could have someone who is made happier because of my creative work. I am glad my artwork adopts someone, teaches someone how to decorate one’s heart, makes one’s soul vibrate, gets someone to stop on the street and smile thus jumping out of the violently rushing Train of Life at least for a little while. And only then… do I feel happy.
Yet today I am highly thankful to mass media (whose small particle I had once been when contributing to magazines for kids) for the attention I have received and for the feeling that in my creative search I am not the Lonely Rose of the Little Prince…


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