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Proper care
Supreme quality Litena-made furniture fabrics (most of them containing microfiber) and all of which conform to the inherent requirements of sturdiness, color preservation and resistance to getting stained are used for the handbags. Fabrics with microfiber do not shrink nor do they absorb liquids. They are environmentally-friendly as they do not contain any hostile chemicals. Hence most stains may be simply cleaned with water and soap. Meanwhile, the picture is sewn and attached manually, its contents commonly feature anything ranging from glued Swarovski to patches of natural fur – hence it demands way more care and attention. All dirt should be carefully cleaned with a wet soapy sponge. Protect the picture.
If you know that your bag is bound to undergo more trials and experiences than usual while travelling, due to lots of stuff – such as provision – getting put inside – just do not take it.
For renewing, dry chemical cleaning is advisable.
I admit that I have tried to soak a few handbags of mine in soapy water and afterwards, upon turning them inside out, rinse and wring them by using the mildest option of the washing machine. Some guipure elements had to be redone, but… doing this turned out to be such ‘heavy’ renewal that my friend could hardly recognize the handbag.
That is why I cannot recommend you to do this – nor do I wish to undertake responsibility for any damage the handbag may incur in the process of machine-washing.
Order and delivery
If you wish to order or purchase some handbag you really like, press the button CONTACTS. Fill in the data and outline your wishes. Upon receiving your message, I will respond promptly via phone or email, and together we will discuss the further course of the purchase and delivery. If you have chosen something from the ‘Collections’ section, it will be more complicated due to many items used for handbag designs being unique and sometimes being just accidentally created.
Yet… There is a problem, and there is a way to solve it. You may opt for a similar color range, the idea of the picture and the means of its decoration, the shape, size and everything else. Thus we will get a handbag which will look almost identical to the one you liked but… it will still be different and unique as it had been designed especially for you!
Payment and Shipment
When you purchase a handbag, you may do a bank transfer or pay in cash provided you come to Kaunas. Upon receiving your order I will send you my account numbers, and as soon as the money reaches my account I will send the handbag to the indicated address. Whereas sending in Lithuania usually takes 2 to 5 working days it may take longer for the handbag to reach you somewhere abroad. Your handbag will be travelling with priority post. I do not include the shipment costs into the price of the handbag.
Return of the purchased goods
If the handbag does not meet your expectations, please contact me immediately after receiving the parcel. There is always an opportunity for a civilized compromise as the handbag may be mended or the payment may be refunded if the handbag is to be returned. Sincerely, that is not the most pleasant feeling…
In fact, the tasteless feeling ... Once I have the experience with it, and while the woman worked very sincerely it was not good. Therefore, any future buyers like to ask better reflect your purchase. Do not hesitate to see it "live". Feel the energy handbags - are attracted to it, or annoying, calm or happy ... It's much more subtle things than go to the store and just buy a new handbag.
Come and visit me. Entertain yourself. You will touch, measure and look around all the handbags. Sometimes we even do not feel what is good for us. Never hesitate to smell the handbags made by rasaroze as they smell different… You will get surprised.
Pricing of handbags
The prices of handbags range from 50 to 150 Euro. In Lithuania, this feels as some money. Especially as handmade bags are not eternal. But can we materially evaluate an emotion? Not the materials, sewing accessories and the time it takes to do something but… the internal spiritual state, inspiration, the bliss of creation.
Every time I complete a handbag I give a part of myself to someone else. I share a splash of my own positive energy. My husband mocks me that after starting the creation of handbags I stopped negotiating. I experienced immeasurable respect to the work of another artist.