Collections of handbags

Kuprinių kolekcija „Sporto mandalos“

Handbag collection “To Decorate the Heart”

I presented my first handbag collection “To Decorate the Heart” to the women of the City of Kaunas in August 2014. On that day, prominent dames of the Provisional Capital of Lithuania became fashion models wearing unique handbags. They also took part in creative workshops and had an opportunity to design their handbags of dreams.

Handbag collection “The Rainbow”

The handbag collection “The Rainbow” saw the lights of the catwalk – actually, the cozy dimmed light of the club La Bibliotheque where the presentation was taking place – just before Christmas… As I run a pre-school activity club, I invited mothers of the kids I was teaching to try themselves as out as models.

Handbag collection “Gold Dust”

The handbag collection “Gold Dust” was like a birthday present for myself. While waiting for the day I was bound to turn 44, this collection served as an intimate perception that all the chances I had been given by life were precious as gold – I had been taking the roles of a wife, a mother, a fiction reviewer, a journalist, an MC for children parties, teacher Pipirina, a designer…

Collection of handbags “A Prank”

The collection “A Prank” was launched into the sky with balloons on a hot morning of the summer of 2015. Together with we decided to frolic ourselves and to take a new and different look at RasaRoze handmade handbags. Summer butterfly, bird and flower motifs, massive silk tassels and beads experienced as difficult a challenge as decorated handbags might ever face. Together with ballet dancer Asta they were flying in the air, clambering up bridge ledges, taking a bath in icy waterfalls and serving as pillows in freshly plowed fields…

Rankinių kolekcija „Miesto geometrija“